Dreams come from fantasies?

Thinking Day by day and night, Dream is the phantom of thought? The dream generated by this, the wandering dream, the strange environment, the strange behavior of the characters, or the silent call, often, there is a kind of monster who rushes back fiercely. In a dangerous situation, the monster seems to tear himself to pieces. Some of the monsters are evil ghosts with green faces and fangs, even snakes as big as water tanks. Their souls are not shocked. In half of the way, a tiger with white forehead and eyes is shot out, and it is not torn to the body, suddenly woke up, but it was a cold sweat.

The weird dream can’t understand the intention in it, which makes people feel anxious and confused.

The days are getting longer and longer in my dream.

Dream how? I once imagined that one day, I would ride a mosquito to travel around the world. As soon as this word came out, my friend cared and said: high fever is not light. I laughed and said: why not have a daydream?

Roads are everywhere! Way have an end? Is the road far away like the depth of a dream? Otherwise, there is no end to dream. Is dream an endless road? Or is Lu Yuan the witness of dream?

Human behavior is actually controlled by dreams. It seems a little mysterious to say that the hidden consciousness is not just a dream, but such a dream is very vague. Sometimes it is just a flash, and most of them are too short to fall into a dream, the dream woke up! The long dream was so ordinary. The sound of the dream was the complexity of the impact of pots and bowls, the noise of hoe Palladium breaking the Earth, sweat rushing out of thousands of trenches, like a bow, with a hoe as the target, I want to shoot through the center of the millennium nightmare.

The wife is the most beautiful woman in the world, no, don’t do this, the lover is the most beautiful woman in the world. Here is a hundred yuan bill, which is covered by the navel and feels the temperature is moderate. It is not cold in winter and not hot in summer, and even the underwear is decorated with diamonds, which will kill you.

The lake does not need to be too big. It can raise hundreds of fish, with bamboos and trees on the edge, scattered and well-proportioned. There is a piece of lawn, and luxuriant grass grows, the lawn is connected to the east bank of the stream from north to south. Hundreds of years of Sapium trees watch along the river, which is a quiet place. Tian Tian, who was in his thirties, said that when he was sixty years old, he would go back to his old house to build a two-story building for leisure and old-age care. A dream that makes people yearn.

Home is Ant Financial. He is strange enough, a dream of a man in his fifties. The size of ant is small, and the family is like Ant? Such a dream is hard to imagine. Ant is not a symbol of unity! The dream he thought was a harmonious and peaceful life.


Flying heart,

Kai in foot.

On the morning of the first day of January,

There is a fresh smell in the sky,

The Breath of the tender buds.

Inconspicuous thorns.


It turned out to be a pine tree,

cuo jie pan gen in rock,

Its dream is not in the air,

In the wind.


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