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I went back to the small town where you were on this vacation. I want to talk about four small things during this vacation.

The first thing was that I encountered unprecedented traffic on my way back. It was blocked by traffic for nearly two hours intermittently. When I arrived at Qingyuan bus terminal, it was getting dark, I called a motorcycle and hurried to where you were, then I saw you in a gorgeous dress, at that time, my little heart could hardly bear the beautiful and violent beating until it burst. To be honest, you said I didn’t have much reaction, just because I pretended to be calm. In fact, the flaw is easy to find, my face is red and the breath I hold instantly, and my heart beats like a drum.

The second thing is Tomb-sweeping day back home grave. The place where I visited the tomb was a hill that I could not name. Looking from a distance, the mist was filled with mist, and the mountain was green, like the most beautiful girl in the village, which was quite pretty. The path up the mountain was slippery because of the rain. I had to walk cautiously, like walking on thin ice. Even so, there were still several times when they almost slipped to the ground. If they slipped, the consequences would be unimaginable. If they rolled down from the hillside, they would have to fall to the end. The mountains are densely covered with trees, flowers and plants. Some of them can be named, but most of them are unknown. Those roads that have been walked out are now recovered by plants and disappeared. The hazy fog was suspended among the grass and trees, standing still as if frozen. When people passed by, those soft fog dispersed to both sides, as if opening a fairyland door. Don’t you say that there is a feeling of “The Wizard of Oz” here. After sweeping the tombs of all ancestors, they went down the mountain. When they passed through a land full of miscanthus grass, they remembered the sentence written by Lin Qingxuan: Miscanthus (miscanthus grass) white like snow is really very beautiful. It would be better if you were there. You chased the wind or the sky among the white mango grass with waist, and the long hair as black as ink and gold danced with your running and jumping, the childlike smile lit up the whole gray world, making the Miscanthus field at this moment become a painting hung on the historical corridor. In fact, I am just thinking that sooner or later, you will come to my hometown with me to sweep tombs and worship ancestors. At that time, this hill will become more beautiful.

The third thing is that when we went out for dinner with my best friends, we ignored the despised eyes and took a photo of a group photo, in which your mouth rose slightly, the Smile flows out from the big watery eyes which are like talking. It is so beautiful that it makes the whole world dim and makes the words used in various languages to describe beauty seem pale and feeble. Truth and adventure, I choose truth, my truth is that your beauty is incomparable.

The fourth thing is that the cup you gave me is really beautiful, I like it very much, thank you, my baby pig, hee hee.

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Recently a little busy. Financial law preparation examination. International Economic Law has to hand in homework and check class notes. In addition, my father threatened to write a contract law paper “legal consequences of lessee subletting without authorization”, which was not long and the content was messy. I took time to cut my hair, and suddenly felt the cold wind blowing over my scalp. But in the future, I don’t have to get up 20 minutes earlier every day just to wash my hair and blow my hair.

In fact, I want to write something, but I always feel that I cannot write. Even now, my thoughts and fingers are just free-handed. I don’t know what I want to write, what I can write or what I can write. Let it go, and see what will be written.

Your mobile phone can’t swim, but you have to try to be brave, and finally choked yourself to death. I couldn’t even start up at that time, but I was in a hurry. Thinking that you will not buy a new mobile phone until next month’s salary, and I don’t know if I can still receive your wake-up call this month, I am so anxious that I can’t wait to buy you a post online immediately. Your wake-up call has become an indispensable part of my college life, just like law books, my roommates or the road I take in class every day. Think about that if one day I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face, have breakfast, and then walk outside the dormitory building, I find that the road I take every day in class disappears and becomes a barren place, what a helpless mood.

When I get up in the morning, I hear your vague and lovely voice as if I were talking while eating. My day will have a happy start, and if nothing particularly unlucky or angry happens, this pleasure will accompany me through the whole day. You have also tried to forget to wake me up and call me. In those mornings, I was either listless or upset, which lasted until noon, resulting in loss of appetite. Then I got better after chatting with you at noon.

Fortunately, you still called me to get up the next morning. Listening to your voice, I really want to hold your face and kiss you severely for 999 times. Well, there is actually no logical connection between them. Maybe I just want to pick up your face and kiss you for 999 times.

Alas, who let you be my pig.

You have caught a cold, I feel distressed. You hurt your hand, I feel distressed. You are a little cold, I feel distressed. You kicked the quilt while sleeping, I feel distressed. I feel distressed that you have been taught a lesson by the boss. I love you if you are unhappy. I feel distressed when you cry. You said you missed me, I feel distressed. You are tired, I feel distressed. It seems that as long as you are involved, my love will become as cheap as Vietnamese dong.

Alas, who let I am your Baby.

I talked about my predecessor somehow in the evening, and I can’t remember the specific content of the chat now, but I came up with a sentence that I thought was very classic because of this, one day there will always be someone who will make you feel that those people who met before are just going through them peacefully. At that time, you would say to yourself, Fortunately, those were luckily missed before. You are the one who appeared in my life that day.

As expected, this thing was written in a mess like your room. But it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to participate in the new concept Composition Contest. You can understand, you understand my mind, that’s good. Maybe it’s because I miss you so much at this time, except that you can’t hold anything else in your mind, so nonsense, don’t laugh at me. You don’t know. I think you think polar bears all over the world are going to become big gray bears. What do you want me to do. I can only look at you on the screen of the mobile phone, and then kiss you on your cheek affectionately to comfort myself.

I miss you, a little too much, a little too often, and a little more every day.

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