The name and name together constitute the name of Chinese. In the past, people also had characters besides names. Generally, they took characters in the adult ceremony (the Crown ceremony for men at the age of 20 and the hairpin ceremony for women at the age of 15). In traditional etiquette, only the elder can call the younger generation by their names directly, while the peers or the younger generation can call them by their names. Even the emperors usually call the ministers by their names. If they call them by their names, they will be regarded as contempt, it even means that the person is guilty.

According to the records of ancient books, the naming of ancient Chinese has normative requirements. Generally, it is named after the father three months after the child is born (it is estimated that the survival rate of the child is relatively low at that time, and whether the child can survive can be determined after three months). This official name is the name, commonly known as large. But there are also people who are named at the full moon and at the age of one year, and their relatives take their names first before birth. Before taking a big name, you will use the breast name (or child name, child name, child name) or small words, commonly known as small name. Some people’s breast name can last for the whole childhood, even when they grow up, their parents still call them like this. There are also some families that do not give their children a large size because of their limited cultural and educational level. Therefore, when children grow up, they take their baby name as a large size, which is usually called a small name with a large size. In addition to the big name, the children of the old family and the doorman should be given a training name (or scientific name) by their fathers, teachers, elders, gentlemen and celebrities when they enter school for education, for teachers to call.

In ancient times, our country attached great importance to naming people. The name is irregular and the words are not smooth. Under the influence of Confucius’s idea of correcting the name, people regard naming for future generations as very sacred and even mysterious. Since Zhou dynasty, naming has been incorporated into the etiquette law and formed a system. Therefore, sometimes due to the name, it will have a great impact on individuals. Some names were treated differently from others because they were liked by emperors or high-ranking officials. Liu Chunlin, the Number One Scholar at the end of Qing Dynasty, was an example of being blessed by his name; and some people’s names were treated unfairly because they were considered taboo. Li He, a poet of Tang Dynasty, was extremely talented and promising, which led to the envy of some literati. He came up with a taboo: Xuanyou, who contended for the name of he, was destroyed: his father’s name was Jin Su, and his son was not allowed to be. Deliberately raised the same pronunciation of Jin and Jin (Shi) to the height of taboo, which created the disturbance of Jin.

In ancient times, women didn’t need to go out to work, and some didn’t take large sizes, or they didn’t use large sizes in public, when they needed to record their full names, they used the breast name or small characters as their names. For example, the name of Imperial Consort Yang was not recorded, and her small characters were Yuhuan, so people wrote her name as Yang Yuhuan. Nowadays, the equality between men and women in society has both small names and large sizes.

As the saying goes, xing bu geng ming zuo bu gai xing. When strangers meet each other, they first ask their names. Since ancient times, people have attached great importance to names, which can be described as painstaking efforts in naming names. Regardless of the large size here, it seems that you can also see some doorways by looking at the nickname of ordinary people around.

Popular, one is that the name is related to the ranking of brothers and sisters. The eldest son, the second child, the fifth child, Zhang San Li Si and Wang Xiaoer, who was born at the end, was called Lao Er. People didn’t have birth control measures in those years, and they also expressed their determination not to give birth to children after being an old man. In this way, the order is obvious and the name is smooth. There are Ruan Xiaowu and Ruan Xiaoqi in “Water Margin”; The second is that the name is related to the situation of giving birth to children. Anyone who is called Hua is looking forward to having both children. The boy and daughter are born in turn. Anyone who is called changing or changing is looking forward to having another baby. The daughter is looking forward to having more children, as for those called Zhao Di, Ling Di, Pan Di and tape, their intentions were obvious. For a woman named Bei, her parents had a serious thought of giving birth to a daughter, thinking that giving birth to a daughter was a loss of money, while Bei was actually a compensation. Chinese people have the old saying of “many sons and many blessings”, and naturally there are many people called groups, groups and gangs. Those who are called Xi, Le and Qing must follow their wishes, and those who are called are also exactly what they want. Those who are called more must have more children; The third is that the name is related to the zodiac. The names of Tiangan and Di Zhi are Bingyin, Jiawu and so on, which are relatively few; Those who only take the first word of Di Zhi are Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Wu, Shen, Xu, hai, there are few beggars, Si, Wei and you; Those who only take the second word of the land branch are called rats, cattle, Tigers, Dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, dogs, pigs, chickens are rarely called rabbits or monkeys; Those who only take heavenly stems are called a, B, c, d and Geng. In this way, the zodiac is self-evident. The man named Zhan Shan must belong to Tiger without asking, while the man named Qian must belong to cattle without asking; The fourth is that the name is related to the expectation of a long life. Often, tied, locked, small lock, small buckle, small hide, boy named a girl, girl named a boy, smart called confused, healthy called Lala, are looking forward to the child’s long life. God reward, God bless, God protect, although people believe in life and death, life and wealth in heaven, but they believe that God can do everything, let God protect children can have a little mistake; Fifth, name is related to the birth season. It is called Chunsheng, Xiaoman, rain Lai, Qiu Sheng, beginning of winter, spring, summer, autumn and winter. The Birth season is clear at a glance. Yuan Chun, Yingchun, Xi Chun and Tanchun in A Dream of Red Mansions seem to have something to do with the birth season. Those born on New Year’s Eve are called double years old, those born on August 15 are called Mid-Autumn Festival, and those born on lunar September 9 are called Chongyang; Sixth, the name is related to grandfather’s age. The one named 50 means that the grandfather was just over 50 years old when the child was born, and the ones named 60, 70 and 80 are exactly the same. However, there are almost no people called Forty or ninety, because there are very few grandchildren of forty and ninety. You can choose a good day for marriage. Traditionally, when you give birth to a child, the melon will naturally fall. However, people have taboos about some days. Those born on the first and fifteenth day of junior high school are called Ying and Ying, Take the greeting tone, which means to welcome all the unlucky ones in advance; The seventh is that the name is related to several generations. The two generations cannot be called the same family. The third generation is very common. It is rare to have the same family for decades. Therefore, it is called the four generations to give birth to a boy, so as to show the prosperity of people and the prosperity of children. However, both the ten and the four generations are men. Since ancient times, people have preferred boys over girls. If you give birth to a girl, it is not worth naming to commemorate. Eighth, naming is related to career demands. In ancient times, there were scholars in agriculture, industry and commerce, and modern division of labor in agriculture, commerce and soldiers, which were called Army, culture, agriculture, education, engineering, agriculture and army. Some people called politics, some were called officials, and some were called officials; Some were called Wen, some were called Wu, and some were called bin, both civil and military. However, since ancient times, people have the custom of neglecting business and being disgusted with business, so there are few people called business; The ninth is that naming is related to people’s common wishes. It is the common wish of people to have smooth weather and rain, peaceful country and people, prosperous time and Tomb-Sweeping Day and peaceful world. Therefore, there are so many people who choose to be famous as shun, Tai, an, Qing Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Xiang and he. They listen; ten is that naming is related to gender. Women’s names are NA, Qin, Ying, Yan, Xia, Yun, Fang, Hong, LAN, Jie, etc. They all show the beauty of softness, while men’s names are Zhu, Wei, Shu, Qiang, feng, Sheng, Tao, Army, steel, iron and so on all show a masculine spirit. In addition, naming girls NI and Nan, and naming boys ball, egg, GA and fierce all reflect different cultural connotations; Eleven is to borrow the names of animals and plants and colors. Boys like to name them tiger, leopard, deer, dog, chicken and bear, while girls like to name them peach, apricot, Willow, plum, red, green and blue; twelve is related to mother’s dream before giving birth. Mother dreamed that the worm was called Dragon, the plate was called Moon, and the fire was called Red; Thirteen was related to natural phenomena. Frost, snow, rain, color, Xia, Hong and so on can all be named; Fourteen is named by overlapping pronunciation. Tong Tong, Nan Nan, Qi Qi, etc. can be used by boys and girls, showing the celebrity’s love for children.

Elegant, one is that naming is related to personal pursuit. True, good, beautiful, Zhen, de, Xian, FA, Quan, Xiang, Rui, Min, Jie, Shun, da, Wang, etc. are all common words of nickname, called Shuangfu, Fugui, there are also many golden mountains and pillars; The second is that naming is related to the quality of mind. The poems and books are inherited from the world, they are honest and generous, they are benevolent, polite, polite and frugal, rivers and rivers, rivers and seas, three mountains and five mountains, and they have a broad mind and high quality, and their names are magnificent and loud; third, naming is related to celebrity names. Commonly known as steal name. After the ancient times, there were people named Yao, Shun and Yu, and there were people named Yin and Hongli who learned from emperors. There were really people named Ze Dong and Zemin in France and contemporary times. It can be seen that the ambition of making a name is obvious; fourth, naming is related to famous sayings. Drinking water, thinking about the source, thinking about the source, thinking about the spring, thinking about the spring, being more sensitive than speaking, getting more sensitive and polite, being full of modesty, benefiting from modesty and benefits, having the spirit of poetry and calligraphy, getting books from China, and having friends, it doesn’t mean to take friends, friends, please, cultivate one’s morality, govern the country, cultivate the country, rule the country, and balance the country. There are scholars talking and laughing, and there is no Bai Ding to take scholars, etc, it shows the unusual cultural cultivation of celebrities; The fifth is that the naming is related to the four gentlemen in the painting and the three friends in the old age. Mei showed the noble personality of being noble, upright and not stained with dust, and Lan showed the ambition and spirit of venting, color, spirit and rhyme, the person named Bamboo shows the special natural character of being elegant and firm, while the person named chrysanthemum shows the beautiful character of being bright and shining against the frost, and the person named song shows the gloomy and vigorous, the noble quality of standing proudly; The sixth is that the name is related to the font. It is named by combining two identical words, such as II, Yan, Gui, Cong, Lin, Fei, Peng, Shuang, Jing, Zhe, Chang, Yu and so on; it is named by the combination of three identical characters. Three people are the product, three people are the public, three trees are Sen, three gold are Xin, Three Rivers are Miao, three stones are lei, and three soil are Yao, Sanhuo is Yan, Santian is Jing, Santian is Yi, and thirty is Hui; It is also named by the combination of four identical words, such as Xie, etc, since there are only a few characters composed of four identical characters in Chinese characters, there are naturally few naming characters like this. Such naming can reflect the unusual character cultivation of celebrities; The seventh one is named after the family name. Some are named after their mother’s family name. Such as Li Yang, Wang Shi, etc. Some remove the father’s surname as the name. The name of Li is Mu, the name of Yang is Yi, the name of Qian is Jin, etc. All of these have certain commemorative significance.

In addition, the strong political color is mostly related to major festival events. Nation-Building, National Day for army building, Daqing, Korean, peace, cultural revolution, Hongwei, four new. According to online statistics, continent called national day of about 400,000 people, name is founding of the more than 960,000 men. Five elder brothers from neighboring villages were born in 1960 s and 1970 s successively, named Red Root, red leaf, red heart, red stem and red pulp, expressing the wish of keeping up with the situation and devoting themselves to the party; most of the people who have a strong sense of transcendence are women, such as the male, the super male, the male, the male, the male, the male, and so on. They are very feminine and domineering; They pay attention to the birth and the five elements. In the name, there are lectures beside the golden character, the wooden character, the water character, the fire character and the earth character. It is called leap soil. Mr. Lu Xun said in hometown that it was born in leap Moon, and the five elements were lack of soil. It was said that naming birthdates was a feudal superstition, but the business like naming Zhai and Qiming Pavilion was booming. One was twenty yuan, and he didn’t owe it on credit. However, most of the names he named were uncommon, difficult to write or bypass.

At the same time, in terms of using words, there are more single words and double words for small names, and almost none of the three words or more. Seniors are used to using single words to call seniors. If the nickname is two words, use the last word. Southerners are used to adding a before a word at the end of a nickname, northerners are used to adding a small, big, old before a word at the end of a nickname, and adding a child after a word at the end of a nickname. Jia A, Xiao He Zi expressed intimacy, and the bigger one showed love, while the older one generally called the young one by the seniors.

With a large population of Chinese people and different cultural levels, geographical restrictions and personal preferences, the nickname can be said to be varied and varied. To put it bluntly, a name is just a symbol, which neither represents a person’s past life nor indicates a person’s present life. I secretly think that as long as it is easy to read, easy to write, and has no homophonic tone, it is called Dog Egg, dogs left and dogs are not necessarily inferior to pigs and dogs, and those called rich are not necessarily rich. When it comes to homophonic sounds, we should be taboo, because we are used to calling names only out of pronunciation, and there are many homophones in Chinese characters, which can easily lead to ambiguity. For example, it seems that people whose surname is Wu cannot be called De, it seems that the person whose surname is song cannot be called bin, the person whose surname is Yang cannot be called Wei, the person whose surname is Wang cannot be called Ling, etc.

At this point, I suddenly remembered a joke. It was said that a rough family in Murakami had added a child. The whole family racked their brains to name the child, and the whole family compared the name of the child in Murakami like a sieve, for fear of having the same name with other children. For half a month, dozens of names were given, and all of them were weighed by other children. The old man threw out a sentence in a fit of pique, choking people to death: My child is called private child, and see who has the same name as my child. I’m sorry to let out the rude words, which made everyone laugh.

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