She said: Lan Ling, you have deviated from the Channel. If you don’t return to the designated route, you will get lost. I never approve of the warning from my soul.

Indeed, one day, I got lost.

Deep in the endless forest, every tree is so weird, every bird is so isolated, and every beam of sunshine is so bizarre.

I am very scared, the child whose soul says he is disobedient, finally he has to ask me for help! Or me. I was ecstatic and seized this life-saving straw, hoping to leave this gloomy ghost place earlier, but the road to light was so rugged and difficult.

Not out of feeling

I want to fly away from here, but it seems to be extravagant.

Therefore, I waited for the coming of the night, relying on the Polaris to guide the direction.

But it happened that it was cloudy recently.

Keep praying in my heart, which lucky star will redeem me,

The feeling of getting lost makes people nearly collapse and die.

Feeling lost, envious of your soul, free to float things

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