Time flies, time flies. It has been one month since I came to this small mountain village unconsciously, from the discomfort of everything to the gradual adaptation to the life here. From the long night of the first week to the time of the next three weeks. The great changes make me hard to believe. This is a different experience as a teacher and a different life experience as a teacher.

Located on the high mountain of more than 800 meters above sea level, Chuanqian village is a typical village, which is larger than the teaching point, but its scale is shrinking day by day. There are 148 students and 10 teachers in the whole school, covering the complete organizational system from the small preschool class to the sixth grade of primary school. I am in grade one with only 14 students in this class. The nearest one in my family is about ten or five minutes away from school, and the farthest one is two hours away from school. The youngest child is 7 years old, and the oldest child is 11 years old. Most of the children here are left-behind children, and the main economic sources of local people are working outside and digging coal in coal mines. The rest is to farm and raise pigs at home, and those who go out to work are mainly concentrated in Guangdong and Zhejiang. And the coal mine is also located in Hubei and Fengjie. According to the people who work there, you can get at least 4000 yuan a month by digging coal in the coal mine, but you need to dig every day, and you can have a few days off a month. Of the 10 teachers here, four are formal teachers, five are substitute teachers, and the rest is me, a supporting teacher. The school is affiliated to the Ethnic Middle School of Tujia Township in Chang’an. The teachers in the whole village all think that the central school does not focus on teaching. Although the hardware facilities have been improved a lot, there are no rewards and punishments for teachers and no requirements for students. The superficial work is done well, but the function of teaching and educating students in the school is weakened, so the teachers are very slack. At the same time, because of the arrangement of the package class, the basic teaching and research activities do not exist. In general, this village should be a typical example of a mountain school, whether it is hardware or software.

In the past four weeks, I have mixed joys and sorrows with ups and downs. I spent two weeks recording students’ habits and behaviors; I spent one month building a student growth record bag; At the same time, I recorded my thoughts and thoughts everyday; during this month, I had two home visits; Communicated with local people to learn about local life; Communicated with school teachers to learn about their old teachers’ moods; I asked some old teachers how to teach; I went to poor students’ home to visit; I contacted with outside student organizations to help these poor children; I won 5 or 600 books for the school…… But I didn’t prepare for teaching, which is a problem that I have been worried about. How to achieve the effect of internship in the village?

Here I want to describe two things with deep feelings. One is to visit students’ home and the other is to communicate with young teachers.

March 4th, Tuesday, sunny

Today, I came to Zhang Lanqin’s home for home visit after school. I walked with six children in the class along the way, talking and laughing with them, which was very pleasant. She came to Zhang Lanqin’s home and waited for a while. Her mother came out. Of course, it was a polite reception, so I won’t go into details here. It is worth mentioning that the mother of Tang Xiaoling, another student in the class, also came after hearing the sound. So I introduced them the situation of myself and these two children. The original expectation should be based on my previous design. I didn’t expect that the previous test for the students brought me unexpected trouble. The two students had good grades before, but they both failed in the last exam. At this time, the two mothers began to talk about how good their children’s grades were last semester, how good their teachers taught last semester, and what on earth did the school change teachers so frequently? My child’s grades have always been good, why is it like this now?…… In a word, parents think that my teacher’s teaching ability is not good. I explained to my parents that this was because my new students didn’t adapt to me. My parents said again that this should be due to various reasons. It sounds as if I am shirking my responsibility. Finally, where did the two mothers say? I became a bystander. I had no choice but to say goodbye.

After returning to school, I felt very annoyed in my heart and felt that I was facing a crisis of trust for the first time. In fact, as a new teacher who has accepted the idea of quality education for three years in college, I have this new idea, but I didn’t let students deal with the exams well. OK, I am confused. Should I stick to my own path, no matter what others say? In fact, think about it, this is the problem brought by China’s education reform today. Mr. Qian Liqun said: Mr. Lu Xun once said that trilogy could not be better than today’s education reform in China. The Voice of the first step of reform sounded, the red flag of the second revolution was spread all over the country. The Third Revolution encountered a problem that some people began to fight back and follow the old path. Nowadays, China’s education reform is just like this. Everyone knows quality education and everyone can say something, but what on earth is quality education? No one can say it. I think this is the biggest problem. We need a hundred schools of thought to contend, but we must not take generations of children as experimental products. Today we need to have a clear standard, what on earth is quality education. If our teachers don’t know what quality education is today, then how to carry out teaching seems to be a nondescript monster! And I also feel that teachers here are also influenced by new ideas, but parents only recognize scores, so what should teachers do?

3 yue 10, Monday, sunny

What I want to say most today is that we come to the countryside because of our dreams, but we don’t want to leave the countryside because of our livelihood. This sentence was said to the general secretary when General Secretary Xi participated in the discussion of Guangdong delegation during the NPC and CPPCC sessions. There is a 30-year-old teacher in the school who has been teaching for ten years. When I chatted with him at noon, I talked about this problem. His current salary is over 2600. Notice that he has been teaching for ten years. He felt that he was tired of being a teacher, especially in such a small village where there was no rush to be a teacher at all. What’s more, how can one month’s salary cover the expenses of the whole family? His child is about to be born in three months, with the upper being old and the lower being small. He was very upset and had no choice. Now he gave up the organization and was afraid that there would be no way out. He went out to break in and drag his family. Contradictions and concerns are stuck……

Think about it. Nowadays, the treatment of teachers is indeed relatively low. For male teachers, once they get married, they will face problems such as children, parents and so on. What’s more, it is even a problem for young male teachers to marry a wife, buying a house and a car is a heavy burden for teachers. What else does the teacher have besides a little salary? The Ministry of Education explicitly prohibits teachers from making up lessons with compensation. How do teachers live when they are not allowed to engage in other jobs or make up lessons for students? Are teachers doomed to be poor? At present, the social prices are soaring, and the utilitarian color is rampant. Even if teachers themselves are willing to go out of poverty, what will the next generation do? Some representatives in the NPC and CPPCC proposed to raise the salary of civil servants. The basic salary of civil servants is not high at present, but how much is the gray income of civil servants under the opaque social background? Where is the gray income of teachers? Conscience Project can’t let teachers live on conscience generation after generation! Especially for those young teachers in rural areas, what should they do? As for myself, I can live in the countryside for my dreams, but what about my parents? What will my next generation do if I marry and have children in the future? These are the most realistic problems.

Since the beginning of January, I have a lot of feelings, and the Pen peak refers to a lot…… I am willing to stay in the mountain area for my dream, but can I stay in the mountain area for the reality?

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