On May 4, 2013, for others, there may be nothing special about this day. It is nothing more than an innocuous Youth Day. If you see relevant titles on the Internet or newspapers, probably many people will ignore it directly. In fact, the Youth Day is just over. Anyway, it’s just a festival where people aged 14 to 28 can spend half a day on advocating holidays. As for what is an advocacy holiday, that is to say, it is not as binding as those national statutory holidays such as New Year’s Day, Tomb Sweeping Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. Whether you want to take a holiday or not depends on your boss’s decision, there will be no overtime pay for work as usual. Yes, women’s day is also included in this list.

However, this is only for others. For us, this date is of great significance. We established our lover relationship on January 25th of the same year. By May 4th, it happened to be 100 days. Thirty-three days of losing love, ninety or nine days of unrequited love, compared with our 100 days of loving each other, it is simple and weak.

One hundred days, we have traveled a lot, seen a lot of clouds, rained a lot, blown a lot of wind, written a lot of words, sang a lot of songs, I have taken many photos. One hundred days, warm each other, and join hands in the morning and dusk. One hundred days later, we had a lot of disputes and argue. We stabbed a lot of knives fiercely like enemies, but we still fell in love as before, and even seemed to go further. One hundred days later, we experienced the lovesickness of bone erosion and the ecstatic or joyful crying when we met after the lovesickness of bone erosion.

After one hundred days, it is two hundred days, three hundred days, four hundred days, then one hundred months, two hundred months, three hundred months and finally one hundred years. At that time, the dust returned to the dust, the soil returned to the soil, the Ashes tangled, buried in the barren mound, in exchange for a description of a hundred years of good harmony or white head together behind.

Hu Lancheng said when she married Zhang Ailing that she was willing to make the years quiet and stable.

2013.05.08 2013.05.09

The heavy rain came without warning, and it was endless. From morning till four or five o’clock in the afternoon, there was no sign of stopping. It seemed that God sprayed the earth with a shower as huge as the sun, determined to wash the filthy world clean and spotless. The school seemed to have experienced a flood, and there was water enough to soak half of the lower legs everywhere. If you overlook it at the top of the school, it must be a spectacular scene. It is really worthy of being named Jiangmen Venice by students since the establishment of the school. If we continue like this, we can probably swim freely in the school. As for students who can’t swim, they need to be carried by a boat when going out.

At about eight o’clock in the evening, it rained heavily for almost 12 hours continuously like a lonely world without end, and finally the curtain of the end slowly came to an end. The night was not like a large stretch of dark black in the old days, but because of the rain, it was turned into a piece of dark black with a piece of dark red. Those dark red plaques in the night sky are like suffering from some kind of skin disease symptoms, as well as scab wounds one by one. In short, I won’t feel pleasing and comfortable in any way, which adds a little strange to the night.

It was strange to think of it. Although the rain fell heavily and lasted for a long time, there was no lightning or thunder from beginning to end. Later I heard from you that in the early morning, there was continuous thunder and lightning in your place, but even a drop of rain did not fall down. I found something strange about this. Maybe there was a big conflict between teacher Yu and Dianmu and Lei Gong, and they parted temporarily. Then teacher Yu came to the sky of Jiangmen to vent his anger in his heart, however, the electric mother and Lei Gong came to Qingyuan to cast the magic of attracting Thunder and inducing electricity. Thinking like this, it seemed that there was another emotional entanglement. Teacher Yu admired Dianmu, but Dianmu chose Lei Gong. But if so, where is Feng Bo. According to the setting of happy ending, Feng Bo should appear when the rain master is in a state of depression, comfort him gently and patiently, and make the rain master cheer up again, then the two have been good friends all their lives.

Er, what I think is becoming less and less moral. Pig, what should I do. But if it can make you laugh, then there is nothing to say.

We have made some conflicts again these days because of some things. Everyone is not happy. Maybe you can’t sleep like me at night. It was a pity that the rain didn’t last until late at night. It was a pity that you only heard thunder but not rain in the midnight. To be precise, it is a pity that you and I were not wet by the same rain in the sleepless night.

Because Zhu Shenghao once said that if we both suffered from insomnia in the rainy night, it would be so smelly.

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