Small town my tile house shop (continued 11)

I said goodbye to the 10th and welcomed the 11th, which I had been waiting for for for a long time. I was very excited. As a matter of fact, there is no touching story to explain to people. That is to say, some old Sesame rotten millet personal feelings in my heart for a long time were moved out first and basked in the sun when it was getting moldy. Fortunately, the effect is good, he can finally be recognized by people, and can be used as spiritual food for people with similar interests. Really gratifying! So, what do you mean by writing like this? I want to tell you that literature is everywhere. It itself is not in the form of Jin Yong’s martial arts story which relies on the variety of characters and plots to win people, nor is it as vivid and interesting as the TV script, literature itself is a form of expression of character art. In my opinion, Jin Yong doesn’t understand literature at all, so does Qiong Yao. They are just the products needed by film and television culture in this era. And if their works are literary works, it is obviously insulting the connotation of literature. I don’t know how to write novels, but I really succeeded in writing novels over time. I can’t say that it will shock the world’s literary world, but one thing I am sure is that its literariness is very strong. Because the strength of literariness is just like the durability of the materials of my small tile house. I must ensure its standard and constantly improve it.

Now, I want to pick it up in the morning and evening. From the narration of the relevant stories of the small town in front of me and my own statement of life outlook, values and world outlook, I believe you will be interested in knowing the following paragraphs. In fact, what I want to explain is that I, small towns, tile houses and small shops are real and not existing. It depends on how you understand it. Of course, I know my article best. If I leave this article aside, I am won’t admit any opinions in this article. That is what I imagined out, and what I don’t recognize in reality. All things should be done from reality and done one by one. We can’t decide our big actions by rambling nonsense. Some stupid people have done this before, but now they can never make the same mistake again. In the future, they should also take it as a precaution. This point was also implemented in the construction of my small tile house. I hope that my readers will not learn from and implement my views. But it’s just a reference but very interesting. Just like my fantastic idea of building a small tile house out of thin air, it will inspire people’s infinite potential. However, if you only want to build a small tile house instead of the true meaning of living practically, then your life will be trapped in a difficult forbidden place. Because survival comes first and life construction comes second. Don’t reverse its order.

Before returning to the original, what I want to explain is that I am an idealist who pursues the ordinary and gets rid of the vulgar. In my opinion, ordinary is a kind of expression term for people who have ordinary life and extraordinary abilities at the same time. While mediocrity is a derogatory statement of marketplace people who only have ordinary life and often have Vulgar activities and mediocre behaviors at the same time. Obviously, ordinary people are the mainstay of the society, while mediocre people are the drags of social progress. If you think I am too much, I can express my insight.

Our society is a colorful society. Of course, there is also obvious social division of labor. This kind of division of labor is invisibly generated according to people’s abilities and relevant conditions. It has strong fairness and impartiality. Therefore, people’s status can be effectively distinguished soon. Of course, status can be distinguished, while human nature cannot be clearly displayed. Let’s take a look at the ordinary people first? Like those frontline strivers with a common heart and making selfless contributions in his legal and current moral work, I think they are ordinary people. Because for an ordinary person, no matter how high or low the work is, no matter how high the income is, the evaluation of it mainly depends on his contribution to the society. I think the shop owners and gamblers in small towns are ordinary people, while those who struggle hard in difficult situations are ordinary people and Superman. But I don’t want to be a superman. I want to be a realist who fights against mediocre people. Do whatever you say. Now I want to strike those ordinary people who make me extremely disgusted. Every time I think of those gamblers, I feel angry. The hostess of my neighbor’s shop is one of the gamblers I hate. In this regard, my behavior is specifically manifested in ignoring people and not trading commodities with them. Not only that, at this moment, I have to describe and comment his speech. The owner of that shop is Huainan renshi. A strong accent. But in order to do as the Romans do, you can imagine how annoying and unpleasant it is to learn the tone of Mandarin. Especially when their family is lazy and doesn’t want to make progress all day long, it is especially disgusting and disgusting! Sometimes I often hear playing mahjong when I have nightmares! Need a fourth! Ghost growling. Therefore, I was shocked and sweated. To what extent do I think this voice is hard to hear? I am not afraid of you saying that it is not even as strong as my strong fart.

In fact, it is not surprising that ordinary people do such vulgar things. However, the law enforcement officers of the Republic were shocked to do such a thing. Some time ago, the Minister of Justice in Shanghai gathered for whoring in spare time was a good example. As early as the era of Mao Zedong, there was an anecdote spreading to the world: one day, a red wood table handed down from the Republic of China in Zhongnanhai was smashed by Mr. Mao. When his guard asked the reason, Mao said in an atmosphere that all the police chiefs in Jiangxi were engaged in prostitution. You see, the Shanghai case is not a groundless emergency, but has a fine tradition. In fact, as far as I am concerned, the trend of corruption cannot be calmed down due to one-party dictatorship. So-called, catch Big Easy, anti-small hard. The policemen and policemen in the small town are good examples. They are used to living a comfortable life, and their brains are full of fornication. If you enter their interior, you can see that regular dark gambling and secret whoring have become the hidden rules of the society. Some time ago, gamblers in a small shop failed to comply with the law and failed to give money. As a result, blood flowed into a river, which shocked their superiors. As a result, slot machines and gambling tools were swept away. But is it really gone? Do not you see, gamblers organs have undercover, he came with alarm. Therefore, the store was in a state of dark gambling for a long time. It’s just that the limelight has passed and the original state has been restored. Look at this phenomenon. Is this kind of person a leg supporter or a social dregs?

In fact, I am too talkative. How they are has nothing to do with me. So-called, nothing greater. Birdman’s business has to be solved by Birdman. Rebels have guns to deal. It is better for us to forget after looking at it. But what will I say next? Then say it!

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