The recuperation of nature depends on the operation of time and space, and there is no difference between the poor and the rich. However, since human beings won the title of nature, this balance gradually disappeared. I think that the phenomenon of poverty and wealth is the product of gene mutation of human civilization, and there is no doubt that it is a freak of human society. What was horrible and hateful was that this freak factor almost penetrated into the blood of every natural person. Although it had gone through the baptism of thousands of years of fishy breeze and snow rain, it did not reduce its tendency of breeding manyan at all. At least human history recorded in words has proved this bloody process of fighting the poor and the rich. As a folk proverb says, poverty has no root, and wealth has no seedlings; This is only the good wishes of the poor; In fact, the poor who are not covered by food and clothes still exist in a large number and will continue to exist in human society, it becomes one of the main motivations for human beings to kill each other. Faced with the same thing or behavior, the performance of the poor and the rich is too different; That is, there are differences in purpose and mentality, but I am afraid that more people still have no choice! Now my slim pen can only sigh and sigh about it, or ridicule one or two, and I will visit the kiln as a beggar to be poor and happy.

1. The poor call tea, while the rich call tea.

2. The poor smoke half a head, while the rich smoke half a head.

3. The poor drink to relieve fatigue, while the rich drink to relieve boredom.

4. The poor light a candle for lighting, while the rich burn 100 candles for romance.

5. The poor occasionally take buses while the rich occasionally walk.

6. The poor explore to find a way to live, while the rich explore to find a way to die.

7. Streaking among the poor must be mental derangement, while streaking among the rich must be mental derangement.

8. Dogs of the poor strengthen courage for others, while dogs of the rich strengthen courage for themselves.

9. The poor laugh at you as flattery and flattery, while the rich smile at you as polite.

10. The poor often teach their children to be competitive, while the rich often teach their children to be vigorous.

11, poor children early Masters, rich kids bad headed.

12. The children of the poor read books to get rid of the reality, while the children of the rich read books to keep the reality.

13. The incense money of the poor is for the blessing of Bodhisattva, while the incense money of the rich is for the blessing of Bodhisattva.

14. The poor ask for a wife and want to have three babies, while the rich ask for three wives and only want one baby.

15. The poor regard dirt as money, while the rich throw money like dirt.

16. The poor have more lice, while the rich have more sores.

17. The poor go to hospital to save their lives, while the rich go to hospital to preserve their health.

18. The poor only look at their faces when seeing a doctor, while the rich need to see a doctor when seeing a doctor.

19, poor sun called heating, rich sun called sunbathe.

20. Most of the poor friends are brave, while most of the rich friends are intriguing.

21. The poor go to court to collect debts, while the rich go to court to spend money.

22. When the poor get married, they still rely on Locust Shade trees as matchmaking. When the rich get married, they only need BMW to accompany them.

23. The poor divorce because there is no money, while the rich divorce because there is no money.

24. It is harassment for the poor to touch you, while flirting for the rich to touch you.

25. When the poor encounter unfairness, they rely on petitions, while the rich rely on petitions.

26, short-poor people have to humble, deep-pocketed will arrogant.

27. The poor worshiped their ancestors for peace and justice, while the rich worshiped their ancestors for adding officials to the throne.

28. The answer to why the poor are poor lies in the hands of the rich; The answer to why the rich are rich lies in the hands of the poor.

Conclusion: qiongzesibian, variable in savvy. The purpose of national reform is to make the country rich and the people strong; If the poor want to change from poor to rich, they can only start from changing themselves. The biggest advantage of market economy is that it provides you with the possibility to change, and also provides you with the space to move around. Poor, not forever poor; Rich, not forever rich. This is how history came along, and it must follow this routine. The transformation of poverty and wealth in the world is just like the transformation of Climate. There is no absolute fixed mode. This also accords with the philosophy of the unity of man and nature of our ancestors.

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