Direct? MLM? (Continued three)

Now I recall that the air conditioner in the house was extremely low at that time. Because I am cold and warm. But I don’t know how those grandchildren feel. In a word, there is always a grandson called President Chen in his mind pouring tea for our compatriots from time to time with high-grade Peugeot tea sets, but he never forgets Liu’s words with a smile.

At that time, this kind of scene lasted for a long time before it had further development. Because Sun Tzu Liu began to stand up and show off his evil sayings. I saw Liu dancing his arm on the small whiteboard, and then there was a mark crossed by the pen appearing in the blank. According to Liu Sun-Tzu’s explanation, that is the so-called Amway bonus system. Of course, as before, what Liu said is very wonderful and touching. Because everyone in the meeting has the desire to join in. If so, I think his speech was successful. However, the more you go to the back, the more bursting you will be. So I said that his speech was very good, but for this terrible activity service, I thought no matter how good the speaker was, he would fail. Now, let’s see how his failure was made.

I remember at that time, Liu himself also said that Amway was a good entrepreneurial platform. And he also said how upset he was that he failed to participate in Amway’s sales industry in time. But in the end, everyone understood that Amway’s marketing relies on direct selling to get through the national market. In fact, there is no mistake at this point. The key point is that the grandsons are very eloquent, and the theoretical knowledge is also very good. This made my compatriots very confused: Since our articles for daily use and living environment are all beneficial to our survival, aren’t we living well? INZ, with this question, many people think a lot. After all, everyone is a veteran, who let you, a scumbag in the workplace, spit and fool. Later, according to my guess, it was because the mystery hadn’t been solved that no one came again the next day and the third day. Only I am still waiting for the final exploration result. Because at that time, I was still very enthusiastic to find some jobs to do part-time jobs. Now I write down my mental journey at that time, and you can see that I am smart and confused for a while, in case you scold me as an idiot. At that time, I thought I had a lot of spare time. If I could look for buyers everywhere with Amway’s products, wow, that would be a wonderful thing. But in the end, I was tricked by others. Fortunately, I was not deeply trapped. Because three days ago, my grandson was teaching me to do product demonstration during trading. I didn’t ask some key questions either. Therefore, in the face of the sudden request for me to apply for a certificate to join the occupation, I did it without coming and wanted to do it. Such, I was muddled: I spent 95 yuan to get the so-called direct selling certificate. I guess Sun-Tzu Chen saw me hooked and started to launch a fierce attack. He said that there would be a gathering of Amway’s elites and leaders’ speeches in Wujiang immediately, which required us to attend lectures and see the world outside. However, you need to pay a ticket of 150 yuan. After hearing this, I felt very unhappy. I think it I am time to counterattack. I said, what will be the purchase procedure and sales situation? It says that you pay for things first, then you know the characteristics of the products you want to sell by yourself, and then you can formally take up your post. When I asked about its price, it said it was not expensive, only 600 yuan for a set. I nodded and pretended to acquiesce in its point of view. However, after a while, I followed closely to ask another key question: if the product cannot be sold, how to deal with it? It says, enjoy it by yourself. After hearing the rilty words of those evil animals, I began to realize that this was not a legitimate industry benefiting the people. However, if you come, you will be safe. No matter how reluctant I am, I still need to stabilize my aura and keep my image perfect. Therefore, I still pretend to be calm. Listen to its incredible words. As expected, in the following dialogue, I found that the so-called direct selling is actually the legendary pyramid selling. What’s going on? Wait for me to speak slowly. It says that when you are officially on duty, you are not allowed to sell our Amway products everywhere, just invite your friends and relatives to your residence or our club to trade goods. At that time, I said I am a real otaku, and I didn’t recognize many people. It still says, you can’t speak, you always have relatives and neighbors. In this way, you bring them to me, I will sell for you, and the credit of selling products is yours. Isn’t it good for everyone to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation? I nod praise. In fact, I have long wanted to leave in my heart. However, we still need to take part in the show. After all, ghosts are not easy to entangle, but they cannot be left alone. So next, I endured it in order to grind time with them. At that time, I guess my grandchildren thought I had been persuaded by them. I started to take turns and give me directions. In fact, I am already very impatient. But I still stick to it. Finally I won. Because the grandsons finished singing. At that time, I looked at my watch. It was 11 o’clock at midnight. Therefore, I took the opportunity to propose to leave. They also show that it is getting late and everyone will have a happy cooperation in the future. I stood up to show my sincerity. Then, qunsun sent me away together. When I arrived at the elevator, the grandson didn’t forget to tell me treasure and cheer up. Of course, I am those who had profound sense of justice in the Spring and Autumn period, he returned to him. On the way home, I wiped the faint sweat on my forehead. I began to wish myself finally getting rid of the tiger’s mouth.

In this way, I spent a critical life with a calm and persistent attitude. After that, no matter how the grandson called me, I didn’t answer the phone. Later, I tried to contact me through WeChat, but I refused. I remember once when my uncle was by my side, it just called me. My uncle was very angry about their behavior, saying that he was going to scold him for a while. I said, forget it. After all, scolding a fool will not only damage your image, but also offend a group of grandchildren. This is an unworthy deal. My uncle nodded and acquiesced.

Now, I use the keyboard to record the whole process of the matter and all my thoughts on this matter, which has been the matter in the past few months. Every time I recall those grandchildren, I feel that this society is a little dark because of such a group of people. But? The society is like the sea to accommodate all the people who can exist. I said even the government could do nothing to them. Can’t really can’t. So be it! What I did was to write articles, telling people all over the world to avoid such situations. There is no other method.

However, don’t be busy. Because of the failure of Liu Sun-Tzu, I want to clarify my point of view: when doing things, we should pursue perfection and beauty, but we can’t really achieve possible perfection, which will definitely fail. But then again, Sun Tzu Liu gained something, that is, he persuaded me innocent. However, the final failure was caused by Amway’s business transaction invading my private property excessively and failing to reach a fair cooperation agreement between Party A and Party B.

In fact, everything is not important. It was just a pity that my 95 yuan people’s note was ruined in vain with the hands of scumbags. What a shame! What a pity! Fortunately, I was not deeply trapped and could turn back in time, otherwise I would be miserable. Therefore, I want to say to my readers that there will be no pie falling in the sky for no reason in a peaceful day and a peaceful life. Therefore, we still need to avoid the phenomenon of direct selling, otherwise, we will end up in a situation where people and money are empty. It was late then.

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