For human beings and the whole universe, only those who have lofty communist ideological quality, moral sentiment and spiritual realm can truly be called the most successful and valuable people.

A person with first-class ideological quality may suffer some losses in the real secular life, but after all, he is a person with noble quality and is better than a person with poor ideological variety at any time. How can those people with poor ideological quality see this? They think that only themselves are the smartest in this world.

Harmony needs a stable and more stable social environment, including the stability of our thoughts, Hearts, spirits and souls.

If the society wants to be harmonious, first of all, it must be harmonious from the system and mechanism. So, what should we stick? We should stick to love and tolerance. We should stick to harmony. Don’t be too persistent about other things.

At present, our socialist system with Chinese characteristics is reasonable and should be given firm support. What we should do is to continuously carry out the reform, experiment and innovation of the system and mechanism.

Influenced by some backward feudal cultures, in the hearts of some Chinese people, it is easy to divide people into three to five or six, which is easy to produce psychological abnormality and give birth to some Chinese-style scumbags, cause disharmony. In the past, in order to better rule the people, paralyze and play with the people, the feudal class divided people into three to five, six and so on, saying that they were arranged by God. Now, it is the people who take charge of their own affairs. Everyone is striving for the goal of common happiness, and then dividing people into three to five or six in their hearts, which makes them seem too backward.

Up to five thousand years, we can no longer fall into the feudal society, because that is a dead end.

If our hearts are filled with deep affection and kindness to the common people, we will certainly be able to do a good job in serving the people.

If we treat environmental protection with our hearts, observe environmental protection, maintain environmental protection and build environmental protection, then the problem of environmental pollution will be solved quickly.

The instinct of life is constantly expanding, such as human beings. Since ancient times, people’s thoughts, spirits, materials and desires have been constantly expanding, which shows that the instinct of the universe is also constantly expanding, however, the current expansion speed is too fast, and it is on the edge of a vicious circle. If there are ten dangers, it may bring disastrous consequences. Human beings should be controlled and controlled. Abstinence refers to controlling the expansion of their own thoughts, spirits, materials and desires, while control refers to controlling environmental pollution to prevent further deterioration.

Due to the lack of advancement of Japanese culture and the serious shortage of harmonious culture, the culture of foolish loyalty is still relatively deep and estranged from us. In order to prevent its invasion of our culture, in terms of culture, we must keep a distance from Japan and guard against him. Of course, we should also guard against them in other aspects, especially in Diaoyu Islands and marine rights and interests.

Some people have some advantages and cleverness, but they are not willing to use them on the right path. As a result, they end up as nothing like waste, even worse than waste.

Ordinary people are not celebrities, and celebrities are not masters. Then, what is the difference between ordinary people, celebrities and masters? Celebrities may play big names, while ordinary people and real masters will not play big names, which is the difference between them.

Everyone is art and has his own art. The art of unserious joking, playing and teasing is not a good art. In our society and our life, is it better to have more breath of life, or is it better to have more breath of art? Comparatively speaking, nowadays, what our life lacks is the breath of art. With quality requirements continue to increase, future requirements we artistic feel sure is to multi-some.

2013 nian 11 yue 6 ri in Huairou xing huai Street ABC branch.

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