What do people live? It is for the meaning of life. What is the meaning of life? It is love and love, love and dedication, and the spirit of sacrifice for the country and the people.

You to others upset, others also to you upset, reading is also, you don’t respect it, it also not somehow you.

This is a sacred country and a holy city, which may be polluted by the destruction of some people with bad qualities.

Now there are a lot of people would like to quote thick black school principle to govern China, is laughable, but this is feudal society of a set of backward things. Even this kind of thing for people doing things, I’m afraid not work, let alone for rule?

Some TV plays or movies cost a lot, but the works produced are vulgar and not artistic, which can not guide and educate people. Some even distort history or exaggerate the fact, it has adverse effects on teenagers. A few hundred people cast, bumbling busy six months or years, cost so many human and financial resources and resources, making out of works cannot inheriting civilization, even counterproductive, this is not a waste. What is it? It was an act of crime.

In feudal society, only when the common people met a good emperor and a good year of grain harvest, could they live a good life for several days. Most other years were miserable days.

Literary Arts, Humanities, professional, details cultivation also very important, detail decides success or failure, cultivation high. Even have no sympathy or people? Can such a person be said to be cultured?

If you accidentally waste a liter of oil, a liter of water or half a catty of food, is it a cultivated person? At least is lack of self-cultivation performance. If 1.3 billion of the country people do unintentional waste secondary, number is very great, is this little things?

Control his own passion, sexual desire is cultivation.

Consciously maintaining the authority of leaders is also a good accomplishment.

Someone see tragic tragic or touching gameplay will cried, and some people is laugh, only from this can see both spirit and artistic accomplishment of difference is how that big.

Work work, eat, dress, walk, thinking, treat gifts, travel, receive a visitor visit and so need to cultivation, people of every word and action, every move is self-cultivation, cultivation really can be said to be everywhere.

Save, save even live frugally, or does not waste anything also cultivation and cultured performance. Consistency between words and deeds is the highest standard and performance of self-cultivation, which can only be achieved through hard work.

Are uncivilized behaviors such as spitting, swearing, scolding the streets, arguing and fighting, fighting and so on cultivated? Certainly not, if.

People-oriented, cultivation of the basic conditions is learning to truly to respect people, not only respect minority bigwigs, some people for ordinary people disrespect, but blind not to respect from his distance of dignitaries, for good crony of course to non-discriminatory respect, but for corrupt officials and rich bad guys, don’t also to give respect? These people more is to respect people, than in respect dignitaries right with your, blind no respect for these people, is essentially false respect people, it is extremely hypocritical to respect people (in fact, it is to respect the rights and interests of these people). This kind of people can not treat people equally, which is a manifestation of poor quality, of course, it is not self-cultivation. On the other hand, a truly cultured person is a worker who has feelings for the masses and respects them very much. This is the spiritual cultivation of being cold-witted to thousands of people and willing to be a scorpion cow. Cultivation including Thought, quality spirit and moral cultivation, also human art and life cultivation.

People-oriented, also decent Now protection environment, animals and solve environmental pollution above, because, environmental pollution the pegged to human survival and health, not to mention people-oriented. So, protection environment itself is people-oriented highest performance.

Treating people with sincerity is one of the basic conditions of self-cultivation. People should behave well in the world, and only those who are not mentally correct have two sides.

Civilized, polite, promote positive energy is cultivation. Treat leadership of course to respect, but bad leadership or corrupt officials is another matter, no need to respect them, that’s some things, stick to principle, not rigid, do and is cultivation.

God is ultimately speak fair, no good deed is never lost, come o’goodness yet is yes, but some people see minority No good deed, not believe no good deed is never lost, good things happen to good people, leave it cultivation, become cynical, Spirit is depressed, that’s lack of cultivation or no discipline performance.

Cultivation also includes sports and rest, not rest will not work, affecting work, tired also sick Doctor, doctor again spent medical resources, even waste of medical resources, so, the combination of work and rest is also a kind of cultivation and a kind of knowledge at the same time.

Accepting others gift to a salutation, wanna do, otherwise is rude, undisciplined, is lai er bu wang fei li ye.

Being generous, fair and upright, not engaging in intrigues, controlling one’s emotions and so on are all performances of self-cultivation, while losing control of emotions will hurt others and oneself, for example, spitting everywhere on the street or in public places, douchebag squalling, quarrel or fight all can give stay bad impression, this natural no. So, every day, all efforts to maintain best mental condition, promote positive energy, every move, every word and deeds are accomplishment!

For human beings and the whole universe, only those who have lofty communist ideological quality, moral sentiment and spiritual realm can truly be called the most successful and valuable people.

A person with first-class ideological quality may suffer some losses in the real secular life, but after all, he is a person with noble quality and is better than a person with poor ideological variety at any time. Those thought quality poor how could miss it this? They thought that, in this world, only oneself are the smartest.

Harmonious, need stability and more stable social environment, including our mind, your heart, spirit and soul on stability.

If the society wants to be harmonious, first of all, it must be harmonious from the system and mechanism. So, we to cling to what? We should stick to love and tolerance. We should stick to harmony. Other of not too persistent.

At present, our socialist system with Chinese characteristics is reasonable and should be given firm support. What we should do is to continuously carry out the reform, experiment and innovation of the system and mechanism.

Feudal some influence of backword, in China in the hearts of some, easy to divide people three five six, so it is easy to pathogenic, birth some Chinese-style villain, to create discord phenomenon. Past, feudal class in order to better governance people, paralysis and play with people, to divide people the three five six, say God arrangements. Now, that people are the masters, all in for the common good of the purpose, and again in heart to divide people three five six, is too backward.

Up to five thousand years, we can no longer fall into the feudal society, because that is a dead end.

If our hearts filled with ordinary people kindness, will be able to do of serving the people work.

If we treat environmental protection with our hearts, observe environmental protection, maintain environmental protection and build environmental protection, then the problem of environmental pollution will be solved quickly.

Instinct of life is constantly expansion, such as humans, since ancient times, people thinking, spiritual, material and desire has been in constant expansion, this shows that, of the universe instinct is also constantly expansion, just, the current growth too fast, and in vicious circle of edge, ten party risk, fix will disastrous consequences. Human should abstinence and control, control refers to control of one’s own thinking, spiritual, material and expansion of desire, control refers to control environmental pollution, prevent further deterioration.

Due to the lack of advancement of Japanese culture and the serious shortage of harmonious culture, the culture of foolish loyalty is still relatively deep and estranged from us. In order to prevent its invasion of our culture, in terms of culture, we must with Japanese-style distance, guard against him three points. Of course, in other ways but also to guard against them, especially in Diaoyu islands and maritime rights and interests in.

Some people, also somewhat advantages and cleverness, refuses to used on track, results, in disgrace and waste is no different, even as waste.

Human, not celebrities, celebrities not a master, so, ordinary people, celebrities and master has what difference? Celebrities may play big names, while ordinary people and real masters will not play big names, which is the difference between them.

Everyone is a art, all have his art. Non-serious joking, play and teasing art is not good art. Our society, our life, is life of breath multi-some better, or artistic feel multi-some better? Comparatively speaking, nowadays, what our life lacks is the breath of art. With the continuous improvement of quality requirements, we must have more artistic atmosphere in the future.

Soul tell me, human nature pure and most pure side is love and love, also is common prosperity and ideas of happiness, the world has always been a mix-and-match, I have you, interdependent, the dialectical relationship of mutual existence, only harmony, can always have a happy life and their own wealth, otherwise, it is easy to lose all this. Pity! Nowadays, many people don’t understand this point. They abandon it or are abandoning it. Some people may be confused and return, and finally become a useful person for human beings, even a person with great achievements. Only a few people would be stubborn, and finally fall into a scumbag or a sinner, and even become a person who committed extremely evil crimes.

My soul often tells me that one should be indifferent to fame and wealth in his whole life, not to be trapped and tired by fame and wealth, not to be persistent, and not to be persistent in worldly trifles and some meaningless things, to very calm and low-key to long-term whatever do something meaningful, this is truly meaningful life. Soul also said, money fame and fortune are worldly things, health and do not bring refuses bring, gained or lost no great let it go, not too persistent. hu yi good for small, hu yi small and evil, meaningful things to from a drop a drop of start, and to the long-term persistence of do, duty.

Soul, still floating in the air, unrestrained, free as a bird free, happy singing. Suddenly a gas sky cover of from front lunged, soul-get your mouth shut, can’t big mouth breathing, more can’t loud singing, and a scare, quickly ran to store bought a mask wear. Many souls also began to panic, and discussed the causes and solutions one after another. It turned out that serious smog caused air pollution, and the solution was to control the pollution sources.

Such a serious haze makes many people suffer from respiratory tract infection, which makes their souls feel distressed. So, pollution sources where come from? Soul decided to find out. Just, some environmental protection inspectors going to several pollution prominent unit check, soul then then quietly followed and. The leaders of the unit with prominent pollution problem didn’t know how they got the news that they were going to check today. They started up the environmental protection equipment which had been stopped for a period of time and prepared a lot of high cigarettes. For a while, inspectors came, unit leaders greeted with a smile, personally accompany, positive attitude, and has repeatedly expressed this unit has been in the all-out control pollution, half an hour later, check complete, environmental protection equipment no problem, the pollution source control reached the standard, and everything was normal. The unit leader hurriedly handed in advanced cigarettes and gave them warm gifts. While encouraging them to make persistent efforts, the inspectors still accepted the cigarettes half by half, then go to several other units to check. Inspectors just a go, unit leaders issued instructions, immediately closed environmental protection equipment, can save a penny is a penny. Just like that, one day down, of the projects examined several pollution units are so be muddle through, pollution continues, Is several check personnel had a lot of benefits, then he and high air, kind of a hand is took several pollution unit leaders held out to big red, see many people no big deal, is driving a private car Mancheng around and blind Joseph, makes picture roads overrun with motor vehicle, make originally in a crowded city traffic face paralysis. All these made the soul shake its head. No wonder the environmental pollution and air quality of the city are getting worse and worse. The soul seems to understand a little.

Japan owing to advanced enough, harmonious culture serious shortage, blind loyalty culture still relatively deep, is and we gap, in order to prevent its culture invasion, in culture, we must keep a distance from Japan and guard against him. Of course, in other ways but also to guard against them, especially in Diaoyu islands and maritime rights and interests in.

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