Not to mention the overall effect of the 2013 Spring Festival Gala directed by Feng Xiaogang, but where did the selected song time go already made me sigh with emotion. This song in annual 30 this particular time in millions of Chinese attention of Spring Festival Gala this specific sung on stage not fire is impossible, this is probably this evening party of a big bright spot.

Where is the time? From young and beautiful young boys and girls to gray-haired old men and women, everyone is thinking. A bosom friend countless. The touching melody and the plain lyrics that poke people’s hearts are full of joy and tear. Express the voices of countless people, pointing to the most vulnerable place in countless people’s life emotions.

Where is the time? Asking yourself is also asking others.

Most of the young people born in the 1980 s have become parents, approaching or reaching the age of establishment. Can countless failures of career and countless loneliness and helplessness in independent life not resonate emotionally? In the middle age of the generation of 70 s, there are both the top and the bottom, and the work is satisfactory? Mortgage slave Hu? Che Nu Hu? Perplexed when looking back that year, time like short-lived nothing has youth not. I haven’t enjoyed it. I’m young and old. And remember what your parents see for yourself, feeling children life what so when free? After 50 and 60 years, the eyes of the world have not been taken good care of, and there are only wrinkles left in the half life of daily necessities. Front old tree long Bud, yard dead tree and Bloom. The moon will still climb up tomorrow. Youth? It was the laughter of 30 years after year that dimmed the black hair.

Where is the time? If the ancient people’s feelings like dreams are more philosophical enlightenment, then this song is the immersion of more human emotions and the collapse of the emotional flood in everyone’s soul. If it is said that the pleasure of ancient people’s life is the indulgence or raging of life, then this song is the emotion and pride after life experience.

Written in 2014 nian lunar January 1.

Revised on Lantern Festival in 2014.

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