King future

This is the brother of the King’s future. In this article, I will continue to talk about some of my things. I remember in the previous article, I said that apart from spending my own thoughts on writing articles, the most important thing is to be willing to move the true feelings. Of course, people who only know how to move the true feelings may not be able to write a good moving chapter. For this reason, I have always wanted to write some of my own “Writing Tips”. However, for various reasons, or the most important thing is that there are many writing masters here, so there is no dog-tail mink playing the piano. Talk about your efforts in this period of time.

First of all, I want to say that whether a person is mediocre or not does not depend on his intelligence quotient or his appearance, but on his willingness or willingness to be mediocre. I mean, thought decides everything. If you don’t want to be really mediocre, then you won’t be mediocre. So I say I am a non-mediocre person. But I used to be a very mediocre person. I don’t know whether it is talent or acquired The Day After Tomorrow. I will be very anxious and worried about my future in an unpromising period. Now I have figured out why. I am dissatisfied with the status quo. But later, I was lifted up by others, and I was still not satisfied. Why? Because I understand that it is the most important thing to have certain strength. But what others think of you is a hypocritical thing. Therefore, when some of my ideals are not achieved, I will be very anxious (fortunately, there is no anxiety). Maybe you won’t understand the extent of my current situation. I said that whenever I celebrate the new year, when others are immersed in the wine pool and meat forest, I will feel very uncomfortable and almost shed tears, you will understand how much I wanted to be an ordinary person at that time. However, you will say without fear that I am an ordinary person. I really say so, then I congratulate you! But is it really ordinary? I think ordinary people are really important, and that person is also very happy. Just like we have a solid earth, don’t you think? I advise those who are arrogant or have vague self-knowledge to reexamine themselves. After all, it will be too late when you fall to the swamp. You see, let yourself and others, I see, To be an ordinary person does not need high IQ, because my IQ is not high, even basically hard to say, but through my long-term efforts, I still completed my wish.

In fact, ordinary is very important. However, contentment is also important. Otherwise, Ah Q will not civilize the world. I mean, those who have ideals and goals all day long are ordinary people. This is my personal opinion. Of course, for those people who live in a muddle all day long, I said that you thought you were ordinary and couldn’t help overdoing yourself. Therefore, we should be content in some places while never be satisfied in some places.

Recently, I have been trying to write something close to the poem. Fortunately, some people have been recognized and passed. I’m glad. But I am not satisfied. Because I know the standard very well. After all, I have read a lot of good things. My position is also very clear. I believe that my poems will be better later. However, it is difficult to improve greatly at present. After all, without superior guidance, there will be many blind spots in self-cultivation. Besides, I want to write a prose of 100,000 words which belongs to my own style. Unfortunately, when I wrote 30,000 words, I ran aground because of my lack of ability. However, I will spend a lot of time thinking to complete it. But still that sentence, don’t expect, I will never be there.

In fact, at the beginning of writing, I am written very attentively. However, I can’t hold on for a long time after writing more than 5000 words. But I still persisted for many days.

Day by day. People say that you should live a good life. I think it makes sense. In fact, to put it bluntly, we should pay attention to strategies when living. As the proverb says, then we have to do so. Otherwise, the days will become darker and darker. Of course, what should our Earth do without paying attention to strategies? Let’s take our writing as an example. We don’t pay attention to strategies, and we are making romantic feelings at random!

In the words of the past few months, I said that I would write a lot of articles, but I didn’t forget. I believe that when I am free at the end of the year, I will truthfully present them to you. At present, I can only say that the king is in the future.

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