According to my conjecture, white holes account for the majority and black holes account for the minority in the universe. Both of them are also the Golden Law of sanqi Kai. In addition, people of good quality and all other lives will gather together in the white hole in the future. On the contrary, in the black hole, they are also sorted according to their status, which is exactly the same as in the world.

Making life more meaningful is the full value of our life.

How could it be possible that Japanese rightists would not worship ghosts? They themselves are the incarnations of ghosts, and they themselves are transformed from a group of demons that kill countless lives.

Doing good things was originally a glorious thing and a bright thing. But now, why are there still so many people who are always so afraid of their hands and feet? This shows that our human nature is not free enough, has not been completely liberated, and there are many aspects of the ugliness of human nature and so on.

Surrealism thinking has a hundred harms but no benefits for the survival and development of human beings. Surrealism does not recognize ancestors and does not know their ancestors. If they have milk, they will be mothers. Its harm is far-reaching and long-lasting, we must resolutely oppose it. The poorest people in the world are those whose money comes unrightfully and costs unrightfully.

The most tolerable attitude in the world is the attitude (or posture) of a villain when he is successful.

No one asked about the poor in the downtown. Rich had distant relatives in the remote mountains. Does such an ugly human nature need to be changed by now?

Pay determines value. The more you pay, the greater the value of life. The two are in direct proportion.

Beautiful Love is often met by accident, but missed by accident.

Art is a positive and scientific dynamic and its manifestation.

Some things are not caused by our advantages and disadvantages, but by man-made or ugly creation of human nature.

I have already had enough food and drink, but I am not thinking about getting rich together. Is this a noble quality?

People with poor quality and insatiable greed always yearn for luxurious life, which will eventually become extremely vicious. No matter how capable such people are, they will become criminals and cannot hold leadership positions.

Any of the twelve zodiac signs may become a great or insignificant person. As far as I know, Leo or Taurus, which belongs to rats, cattle, Tigers and sheep, and Aries who belong to pigs are most likely to become great people. Of course, sometimes the greatness and the insignificance are separated by a wall, or between a thought, there are many conditions to be a great person, at least the congenital and acquired conditions are indispensable.

I often say to many of my good friends that in fact, you are all as good as me, but you just don’t want to show it, and I also have a bad side, but I just overcome it, or don’t want to show it. If you want to be a successful excellent writer or artist, you ‘d better not be an official. Even if you want to be an official, you must be a clean official. Otherwise, you will not be clean, there is no face to lead and educate others.

As an ideological and artistic worker in a socialist country, he can neither seek power nor for money, otherwise, it will be difficult to create good works.

The range of Chinese characteristics is very wide, including high-level and low-level ones, while we can only forge ahead bravely towards more advanced Chinese characteristics.

The comprehensive deepening reform of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC central committee will certainly touch the interests of some people, but as long as they are sensible and emotional, I believe that most people will make great contributions in consideration of the overall situation of the whole country and the nation. Only a few people will be stubborn and unyielding. For this kind of people, compulsory measures and special measures must be taken, and they should not be soft at all.

Whether we engage in literature and art or devote ourselves to politics, if we want to achieve a career, we must sacrifice many economic and power interests of individuals or families. If one’s purpose of devoting himself to literature and art and politics is only for money and fame, or just for his own personal and family interests or glory, such motivation itself is not pure, how can there be a good career development and a bright future in this way? It is even more impossible to flow forever. That kind of practice and thought which wanted to achieve career as well as many personal or family interests was out of date, because these were the backward thoughts and practices of feudal society, now it is being abandoned by the generation trend of history and time. And those corrupt officials, just because they couldn’t see this clearly, or because they were weak-willed, finally fell into prisoners!

We don’t know when Communism will come true, but the direction of our efforts is to finally realize communism in all mankind, which is certain.

On December 29th, 2013, in Lugou Bridge, Fengtai, Beijing.

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