What are the positive mentality of the soul? First, the higher the position and status are, the more we should serve the people wholeheartedly and be more modest and prudent; Second, we always believe that justice is ahead, history is advancing, and we strive to do things fairly and fairly, but we will never give up our duties and obligations; The three powers and duties are not the capital we are eager to enjoy. We have sympathy and can share people’s pain; Fourth, some people like to form cliques, people who engage in nepotism are passionate about the upper side, ruthless to the lower side, different words and deeds, and duplicity. These two attitudes towards people are just talking about fairness and justice as a hypocritical slogan, in essence, they are a hypocrite worthy of the name. Therefore, they will lose the bottom line of morality and principles for their own small profits and become parasites of corrupt officials and people; Or they will benefit others for their own interests, abuse of power, totally ignoring righteousness and morality, causing great economic losses to the country and people, It does great harm to the society and has extremely bad influence. For these people, we will not appreciate them, and we must give a severe blow. Deep in our hearts, we have always resolutely opposed such people and things, and so on, it is the positive mentality of our souls.

A good life has begun. From then on, we live happily every day. We have begun to move forward with good people. From then on, we grow happily every day and move forward with the advancing history.

To be a person depends on knowledge, and to be an official is divided by quality.

Let success always exist. If you succeed, you have to try your best to help others, at least the beauty of adulthood. This is because at the beginning, you also achieved success with the help of many people; making more people successful is the embodiment of personal and social progress; The more successful people in this world, the more beautiful and harmonious our life will be and the more beautiful our living environment will be; those who succeed without helping others are ungrateful and unsuccessful. Therefore, please remember that success is always there, harmony is always there, and happiness is always there.

Justice, fairness, justice and freedom are the eternal theme of human progress.

Only when human beings have a scientific way of living can they continue better; The degree of environmental pollution is directly and indirectly related to whether the way of living of human beings is scientific or not.

First of all, we must be strict with our thoughts and spirits, and we must not relax. Then we can be strict with our career and life.

As a Chinese, to be a good person, we must stick to it; To do good things, we must stick to it; To do charity, we must stick to it; To protect the environment, we must stick to it; To reform and opening up, we must stick to it; to be a permanent Chinese, we must stick to the end, especially Beijing people.

All kind people! For the glory of life, for the eternal return and reincarnation of soul, Please devote your body and spirit to the earth thoroughly, and bury our body and spirit scientifically and environmentally friendly, let the soul return to the Earth and life forever.

For the glory of life, human beings need to change some backward concepts, thinking, production, living and living modes and behavior habits before.

For the glory of life, we must let the earth return to the ecological environment of 300 years ago.

Spirit and strong will are a pair of twins, which are complementary unity and have a good feeling of thought, quality, spirit, realm, art and life, we all need to maintain and stick to it with strong willpower. However, if a person doesn’t have a strong will, and his attitude towards learning and doing things is to fish for three days and bask in the net for two days, or to give up halfway, then such a weak will can’t do anything, especially those who engage in art must be strong-willed. In one’s life, when the soul is quiet and pure, it needs to be maintained with a strong will; When the body is very healthy and the interpersonal relationship is very harmonious, and everything goes well, we need to maintain it with a strong will; When we encounter difficulties or work is not satisfactory, we need to overcome it with a strong will; Whenever we think about things or make mistakes, we also need to control and correct it with strong will, so as to make our thoughts and qualities develop in a good direction; Sometimes, we also need to learn to control our mind and mental health, and what to think, what should I do, what should I do, what shouldn’t I do, We all need to grasp with strong will. Therefore, having strong will is the key to success, especially those who engage in art. Only with strong will can we overcome all difficulties, to success.

In nature, all animals and plants are buried naturally after death, and only human beings burn them with fire, which is a violation of natural rules in itself, because the land needs nutrients and organic components, only in this way can life be extended better, and all the straw, garbage, straw and leaves, as well as the remains of all animals and plants are nutrients and organic substances needed by the land. Can it be burnt by fire? We should follow the law of natural development and make our remains slowly weathered and transformed into nutrients and organic substances needed by the Earth and life, thus enabling the soul to return and recapture naturally, let life pass on from generation to generation and develop healthily.

Cremation is unscientific. Please see, cremation is drenched with gasoline, and the corpse is burnt by fire, just like burning garbage, straw and leaves, burning many valuable things, it produces pollutants, wastes resources, produces severe smog, and makes the soul unable to return. Is this the natural way of returning the soul? Is this protecting the nature? Therefore, cremation is unscientific. Nowadays, people’s bodies are getting higher and higher, and more pollutants are produced, thus more and more resources are wasted. How can human beings return to nature in this way? When and when can I return to nature like this? If human beings want to protect nature, they have to return to nature. So, how can human beings protect and return to nature? First of all, we have to start from ourselves without cremation.

Yesterday, the day before yesterday and the day before yesterday, for a week in a row, severe haze weather and severe pollution occurred in most areas of our country, which led to Orange warnings and crowded respiratory patients with hospitals, under the circumstance of people’s worries, the whole people took action to clean up the smog, and finally escaped from the black nightmare of a week.

Today, that is, February 27th, 2014, with the joint efforts of people, powerful positive energy came, evil smog was dispersed away, and the sunshine showed a long-lost smiling face, sent blue sky and white clouds, shining people’s hearts and warming people’s happy hearts. The haze is gone, which makes everyone know better to cherish this sunny day. There are fewer drivers, fewer smokers and even fewer spitting people, some stopped environmental protection equipment also worked, no longer ignoring environmental protection in order to save costs; The smog dispersed, but we realized that the Chinese nation is a great nation, how can we let smog pollute our homeland crazily and remain in our hearts and souls? The great Chinese people naturally have strong positive energy to drive smog; the haze is gone, and the weather without haze is really good. People no longer wear masks, and can sing with ease. Children can also go out to play self-help games and have sports activities, there was a funny smile; The haze dispersed, and the sky without haze was really good. At night, people could come out to see the stars, count the stars, and enjoy the romantic reverie of yearning in the bright moon thousands of miles away.

Today, the smog is gone, and we can see the green mountains and rivers in the distance, the majestic golden top of Longshan Mountain and the wind and wave Pavilion, we can see the financial mansion standing high not far away is no longer flickering in the mist; The haze is gone, and we can also see the picture of Jiang Nanchun’s return singing late by the fishing boat on the river, you can also see the natural scenery of rural areas, and the beautiful natural scenic spots can also be displayed in front of my eyes. Please see the Yangtze River, the Great Wall, Huangshan Mountain, Yellow River, the splendid rivers and mountains, the figure of Fuchun Mountain is still showing, and the face is shining; The smog is gone, and I see that the window of the old house opposite my home has been opened again, that beautiful girl stared at me affectionately again, her face was extremely charming and gentle; The haze was gone, and my ideal world was about to appear. No one spitting everywhere, no one smokes or drinks alcohol, no one emits lampblack, no one litters garbage and Burns garbage, straw and leaves; Everyone drives energy-saving and environmentally friendly cars, and everyone is reducing the waste of resources best, they are saving water and electricity, doing things that are beneficial to environmental protection, We live in harmony and help each other. Ah! When the haze is gone, what an ideal and beautiful world is about to appear. When the flowers are full of flowers, in the sea of joy, my ideal world will finally come true.

The haze is gone. As long as everyone takes action, gives a little love, gathers positive energy and deals with environmental protection together, all positive energy driving evil haze can be formed, we can usher in a better tomorrow. Some people say that it is those bad people who do bad things that cause smog, which is not completely correct. Why is the weather sunny again today? Of course, this is the result of everyone’s joint efforts to control smog. It seems that only by believing in science and scientific anti-fog and anti-haze can we achieve good results. If human beings want to protect nature, they have to return to nature. How to protect and return to nature? If we continue to burn the rubbish, straw and leaves, and if we continue to consume all resources without fear, pollutants will be generated and serious smog will occur, which will make our soul not at ease, this is not the way we have to go back to nature. If we continue like this, when and when will human beings return to nature? The smog is gone. I hope we are getting closer and closer to returning to nature. I hope all bad environmental protection behaviors will not happen again. The smog is gone. I am in a good mood.

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