This can be regarded as a diary of the soul, written to yourself, and also to you in the distance, a person whose soul can depend on each other.


Today is your birthday. First of all, wish you a happy birthday. Boil some eggs and eat longevity noodles. I will also do this on this side of the screen. Celebrate for you! Sincerely say: Happy birthday!

I don’t know what kind of mood I should use to finish this text. Although you and I are thousands of miles away, I will still express my heart, your heart with all my strength. It took me a short time to get acquainted with you, but I have really understood you. You are a truly indomitable man. No matter how the environment around you changes, your heart remains the same, that is to choose to be strong. Sometimes when I read you, I will feel dejected and cry, because there are your heart, your blood, your tears and everything in the words. I know that the gift for you may be worthless to you, but it is a piece of my heart. Will you use it to write? I only choose two, because when I miss you, I will look at it, just like you are by my side, although we didn’t meet each other once. Maybe this is something I can’t expect in my whole life?

I always feel that sometimes my head is very painful and painful these days. I don’t know what is going on. I believe nothing will happen. Because I have always been in good health. It’s you who face the computer for more than ten hours every day. You can’t listen to anything you say. Sometimes I am so angry that I don’t eat, but you still do what you want, and then you can’t call you, you will have a rest. Sometimes you always rub your eyes when watching videos, and you will really feel distressed. I know that your career is busy and there are many lock-ups in your life. Therefore, for your better work in the future, be sure to take good care of yourself, treat yourself better, and be better. In this way, I won’t worry too much. Remember what I said to you:. Don’t forget to bring your phone and keys when you go out, and don’t forget to bring your charger when you are on a business trip. You went on a business trip on April 15.6. You know, I slept late at night and couldn’t fall asleep. It was your first business trip since I met you. You said you knew so many people, you only told me that you always walk alone, How can I tell others? I am very touched, do you know? I’m worried that you didn’t take this one or that one, so I can’t send you in person. I’m afraid that I don’t have enough time, and I’m afraid that I can’t wait for our meeting all my life. I said if one day, I really left this world, what would you do? You said that you would write words to me in heaven, and I would not leave, because my miss is still there, my concern is still there, and my miss is still there, so, I wrote “the platform in my dream, my heart is no longer far away”, “spring in the Twilight”, “I am your warmth”, and all my concerns and thoughts, I know my literary talent is not good, but that is what I want to say to you most in my heart.

In the future, you should remember that if there is no one at home, the power and gas will be turned off. I can cook by myself. I buy meals every day. One is that it is not good for my health, and the other is that the oil is not good. The other is that it is unsanitary. No matter how tight the time is, no matter how busy it is, there is still Twenty? Don’t play less computer, don’t always face the computer, take a proper rest, and exercise more at ordinary times. I think you should lose weight, reduce some, be nice to yourself, for your future life, you need to exercise more. Besides, don’t stay up all the time. Don’t go through eleven o’clock at the latest. Get up in the morning and go out for running. Let me think about it. There is nothing to say. Drink more hot water at ordinary times, don’t drink the mineral water you bought all the time, and don’t lie on the bed to eat fruits or drink when you are going to sleep at night, and also communicate more with your son, because after all, we can not spend much time with them. I hope you who read the words, don’t cry, don’t feel sad, don’t feel sad, don’t feel depressed, this is not what I want to see, I will be in the sky far away, staring at you all the time, staring at you.

You know? I have thought a lot these days, and finally decided to leave the Internet temporarily. It may be one day, two days, or several months or a year. I don’t think it will take long, will it? Without me, I hope you can understand how to take care of yourself, cherish yourself and cherish yourself. If I leave, you won’t have to nag me every day, facing the person who annoys you every day, who cares about you, I also said that if I were around you, if you were facing the computer for such a long time every day, I would unplug the power cord. What I am talking about is not angry words, but from the bottom of my heart. I will come back. I believe it will take less than a few days. I just want to give myself some time. This period of time is really too tired, and sometimes my brain can’t remember things, I wonder if my memory is declining rapidly?

Night, deep, you have already fallen asleep? Recalling the days when I met you, my heart was really warm. I don’t know if I am the only one in your heart now? You said: many people, many things are love in words, but resonance in words. However, words and life are two different things. Without words, we have our own lives, and I am care about you most in life, I hope that I know this deadline will not be forever, because you will wait until the person who loves you most and cares most appears. If you miss me, just look at my photos. I am like that in my life. I never make up. I am a simple, plain and easily satisfied person. Will you text me? Call? Not? Because men are very careless, sometimes ignore my feelings, I will blame you, I call you, right? Maybe you are afraid that it is not convenient for me to answer the phone? But will text messages always be sent? You are no longer you when you are busy, as if you become another person, because you are typing and looking at the keyboard, so tired, so sometimes I choose to video with you, in that case, you won’t tire your hands or eyes. Will you feel the warmth in my heart after reading the words?

Maybe, if I really don’t come back, you will gradually forget me, because time will take everything away, really. If, one day, I leave the distance you care about, will you never remember me at the intersection of time? I wanted to tell myself not to cry, not to be sad, not to be sad. However, facing the real you in front of the screen, the salty liquid would flow down uncontrollably, gradually blurring my sight, wet my keyboard. I know you are going to be busy in a few days, so you don’t have time to surf the Internet. You are too tired to send text messages, right? Certain no. You always say that I will only think about you with my thoughts, because I don’t know what you are like in life. You also say that what I think is sometimes in fairy tales, no, in fact, sometimes I say those words on purpose, saying words that I don’t want to see, and saying so many words against my will. Now just after 12 o’clock, sincerely wish you a happy birthday! As long as you are good, your home will be good, Everything will be fine, so you must be a real man. Even if you are bitter or tired, you must fight against it by yourself. I know that you have always done this. Besides, it was my son’s birthday and Mother’s bitter days. Don’t be too sad when thinking of her mother who had passed away. That was not the result she wanted to see. As long as you were fine, she would be pleased if she had soul in heaven.

I have said these words to you many times, and I don’t know how many times I can say them in the future. Do you still remember that song? “Sleep with your name”, I gave my heart to you, and I am your heaviest traveling bag. From then on, no matter how many ups and downs, you will treasure me well; you gave your dream to me. You are the distant place I care about. From then on, no matter the moon falls or the morning rises, I look forward to your return day and night. I will sleep with your name, write the brightest star on the horizon, how confused the distance is, let me illuminate your direction; I will sleep with your name, write the brightest you in my heart, how desolate the lonely distance is, let me comfort your vicissitudes. What’s more, if you have social activities in the future, drink less wine, and you will not have a high capacity of alcohol, drinking too much will hurt stomach and liver. You should be more careful in everything when you work, when you are on a business trip, and when you are on a business trip, there is also a heart that can harm people, but it is indispensable to prevent people. Nowadays there are too many bad people in society, so you should think about everything, don’t be so honest when facing anyone, it will suffer losses.

Everyone in the world may not cherish it when they own it, and regret it when they lose it, right? I said I didn’t want to write any more. You said you liked it very much. I said you liked more, so you just said, then you wouldn’t write. You won’t be angry with me for this, right? Because my literary talent is not good, I don’t like to read what I write, and I only envy others. I once thought about studying hard and reading some books, but I can’t remember my memory. You know? I used to dream that you could also write a text about me. You don’t need to write my name, just write something you want to say to me most, because your writing style is so good, I have written so much, and now I don’t expect any more about these. There are some things that I can’t seek for, including your words. Even if I really don’t go to QQ during this period of time, I will also remember your words, your past and present.

The most worrying thing about you is that you don’t have to eat only one meal every day sometimes when you are busy. Remember to eat well in the morning, full at noon and less at night. If you only eat one meal at night, that would be fatter, especially for breakfast, which can also be found online. This is my most straightforward and longest article about you. Therefore, I have written it so attentively that you must remember what I said! Be nice to yourself and better, I am looking forward to your coming to see me, the real me and the real me in life one day. Do you know why I want to look at you on the other side of the screen last night? I’m afraid that there won’t be so many in the future. I won’t look at it if I don’t look at it. I will look at your photos when I miss you. I save them all, I don’t know whether it is true or not because you said that you haven’t had a video with others, so I will choose to trust you. There are too many words to say in my heart, which will stop in one second.

Finally, I will say another sentence to you: sincerely wish you a happy birthday, I will call you to bless you, drink less wine today, then lie down and have a rest, then you don’t have to face the computer for so long. You said that you would listen to me. The Q number is just hanging. Sometimes people are not in front of the computer. This is the best. Don’t always face the computer. The radiation is too large and it takes a long time, not good for lumbar spine either. That’s it. My care, my blessing, my thoughts, my thoughts, my greetings and my warmth are all written in it. After reading you, don’t be sad, don’t be sad, don’t be depressed, maybe you won’t? Don’t say I look at you with my thoughts. I just guess that if there is still a little position in my heart, then listen to me and know how to take good care of yourself, when I come back to see you one day, I will see if you are fat or thin? The night is very deep, my head is a little painful, don’t write it? Let’s stop here. I just hope that one of your words will be written to me in the future, even one. I don’t know if this is an extravagant hope?

Because dreams are there, so warmth is there; Because love is there, so words are there; Because love is there, so care is there; Because don’t give up, so Miss is always there! Every time I open my eyes, there is nothing, and I know that the distance between them is really far away. However, missing is just around the corner. It turns out that missing is also a kind of warm pain. A kind of pain that warms each other’s hearts can rise to eternity by leaning against each other. Do you think so? I hope that in your heart, I will always be the unique, unique and different one. Do you remember what I asked you? I said if there were many women standing beside you, you said you would choose me who was standing in the corner. Whether it was true or not, I was very pleased and filled with gratitude in my heart. Thank you sincerely, I will miss you with my heart, miss you, and keep going like this

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