She is my junior high school classmate and deserves the school beauty of our school. What I am sure is that she is the public lover among our classmates and the acknowledged goddess. Because when we talk about a girl together, she is indispensable every time. And I am an ordinary person from the countryside who can’t be ordinary any more. I can’t even find any advantages in myself. In current words, it is a poor loser who can no longer be a loser. However, it happened that I fell in love with someone that everyone would like. So I could only look at her existence from afar every day, with a little throbbing in my heart, but when I thought of it, I would shake my head with self-mockery. I just want to have a look at it every day.

At that time, I had been admitted to an ordinary high school in our city with average grades, but I had no illusions about the goddess in my mind. Because I didn’t know she was in the same high school with me. It was a very ordinary afternoon. After the first class, I didn’t have lunch. I was going to buy some food in the small supermarket downstairs to fill my stomach. When I arrived at the stairs, I suddenly froze. The silent one in my deep heart filled my whole brain with the shadow that I thought had disappeared. No overwhelmed. And she smiled at me very often and went back to the classroom.

From then on, my heart was no longer calm, and I couldn’t be calm any more. Because my inner heart couldn’t escape the love for her, and I couldn’t beat her heart without accelerating as an exponential function when I saw her. She will appear in class, eating and sleeping. Whenever I smile, it is very likely that I think of the scene of accidentally meeting her.

But at that time, I only thought about it in my heart, but this window paper had to be broken when I was in college.

Three years later, I went to a local fairly good undergraduate university. Just at a young and crazy age. In addition, when all the classmates around me were looking for their girlfriends very fiercely, they saw that some of them were already in pairs. As if I finally found a vent, I had been able to ignore the gap between me and her in all aspects, one night I would never forget. She told her three words that could crush me to death. As I expected, I refused, because I couldn’t find any reason for not being rejected. In addition, my height seems shorter than hers. Ah, height is a hard injury I have to face. However, I didn’t regret what I said that night at all, because it made me feel relaxed in the following period of time.

It is said that every injury is a step to make oneself progress and mature. I also agree with this sentence. Because it also made me see clearly some problems that had been bothering me at that time. I thought that the affair between me and her should end here, but I didn’t expect that it would cause me more trouble in the future. Because I underestimated her weight in my heart.

Not long after that incident, I was not willing to give up and admit defeat like this when I was young. I don’t know whether I should feel honored or sad like this. Therefore, I plucked up the courage to call her again to confess. I really want to never confess to her, because she went to school in other provinces. As a result, I was improved again. Someone says: If you can’t give up, it is because you are not hurt deeply enough. Obviously, I think I should still have a chance. So up to now, I don’t know how many times I have failed. Maybe someone will say that you are a bitch! Thinking of this, I will smile bitterly, I am happy.

The distance with you is the light of my belief. But someone said again: there are some things, why should they be bitter. Why do some people never forget about it. No one will appear at the end of the story, and no one will regret it. Leaf Liangcheng. So I was confused. I didn’t know whether I should stick to it or how long I could stick to it.

I am: Still, give me the one in my heart otherwise.

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