Knowing that it was not love, it was the trace of the hazy girl’s love, but sticking to the starry sky stubbornly, feeling the self-made Starlight, Moonlight, sunshine and tears in the dark night. And we must stick to this single-minded truth. Let the heart flap close tightly, and don’t open her youthful beauty to decorate the most beautiful season for any opposite sex.

You were the highlight of my life in the dull study and life in the shy days when I began to love. Because of you, I feel the heartache, sadness and jealousy in lovesickness for the first time.

You have hinted me many times about what I will be like when I grow up. You don’t know if I will fall in love with you with worshipful feelings and can’t bet on the unpredictable future. I can’t put my future Sky aside because of your love, let alone kill my beautiful years with selfish love. You give up and choose nothing to do, but you never know how my tears every night make my eyes swollen, how my heart twitched your marriage again and again, and how you evaded your transfer, you also don’t know that my amblyopia is caused by more crying.

I’m older. Learn to. I was me. Occasionally encounter, you hide your feelings deeper, even indifferent. I doubted myself. I also understand that you will never give up waiting at home. That love deposits in the deepest sea, but no matter when and where, I always think of you unconsciously at the moment of emotional separation, faint loss, inexplicable palpitation, always stab me in the painful eyes that you can’t hide, pain my sorrow, happiness my awakening.

I can’t live in the fantasy of vacuum, neither can I be under the pressure from my parents. It’s time for me to get married. I want to find my partner in life and get to know each other one after another, one after another, I am not familiar with it and have become strangers. There is no trace in life. Am I demanding too much, or are you too excellent? Or does that love stay where it is and I am unwilling to move? I don’t want to ask. I just want to immerse myself in the deep eyes you suppress and let it ignite the emotional journey of my life. I always think this is the loyalty of love.

In the monotony day after day, I was tired of everything in front of me, I hated myself, I escaped, I went far away, I wanted to find my faith again, I want to pursue my ideal.

In the boundless flow of people, in the wandering days, I abruptly doubted my insistence.

Time can dilute everything and brighten everything. So many years of love flickered in the phantom of neon lights, gradually losing its original brightness. The beauty of the past gradually recorded the journey in my mind and became an invincible scenery.

Your affectionate eyes once lit up the time and space of my feelings for many years, which ran through the integrity of my youth.

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