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Sealing of gas ball valves

2021-06-21 10:00

In gas pipeline is a kind of common valves, gas valves due to the use of their special occasions, so to the requirement of the sealing performance is relatively high, it is how to ensure the sealing performance?

In the design of the valve seat in the gas ball valve, there are generally two ways, such as the downstream seat self-discharge design and the double piston effect design. For the first seat design, in its closed state, when the pipeline pressure on the external surface of the upstream seat ring, will its seating pressure to its sphere, but if its upstream for leaks to the media from its inside the valve cavity, when the valve cavity internal pressure value is higher than the downstream pipeline pressure, the downstream seat will be related to the valve cavity pressure to its downstream to discharge it. And if the second form of the seat, under normal circumstances the pressure is applied to the seat sealing end of the lateral, so will its corresponding extrusion pressure sealing pressure to the body, could be formed between the body and the sealing ring is this a reliable sealing structure.

Even in the seat has been under the condition of leakage, the pressure will directly into the body inside, direct effects on the upstream sealing surface inside, and the seat sealing produce extrusion pressure, make its seat sealing to be near the body slowly, thus forming a more reliable and efficient sealing structure, to ensure the sealing performance.

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