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Tongling PRO-Tech Co.,Ltd-February 2020 newsletter browse

2021-06-21 10:15

1. Actively respond to epidemic situation and fulfill social responsibility

◇ On January 31, in order to support the construction of huo shen shan hospital, 32 butterfly valves were produced (delivered at 11:00 a.m. and arrived in Wuhan in the afternoon). 

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◇ On February 4, the company donated 30000 yuan to the Red Cross Society of Tongguan district as an anti epidemic fund.            

2. Actively organize resumption of work and production to ensure normal production.

◇ On February 17, the company formally passed the government's resumption acceptance and was allowed to resume work.   

◇ On February 26, the first batch of urban drinking water project valves were delivered after the year, which made a good start after returning to work.


 3. Plan as a whole, consolidate management, and clarify business direction.

◇ On February 20, in order to further reflect the importance of corporate social responsibility, the company organized a business management meeting, revised its business objectives, and determined the "on the scale, high-tech, fight for independent, tax increase, balance income" as the 2020 business policy. This operation and management meeting made clear the importance of the company's social responsibility. In addition to the normal financial indicators, in order to further reflect the company's social responsibility, the company added the social responsibility operation indicators to its business performance.            

◇ On February 25, Rongjing ERP system officially went online operation training meeting was held, and in February 2020, Rongjing ERP system officially went online.  


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