When I walked into this grove, I realized that I hadn’t been here for a long time and became strange for a long time. A place buried in the bottom of my heart, covered with dust, which worries me day and night. I don’t know whether the olive tree I often dreamed of is still the same.

There is a small forest in the southeast of the village, and there is a very large and tall olive tree in the middle of the forest. Looking from a distance, it looks like a big white crane standing in the flock, looking down at everything around with mighty power. Its huge crown is really like a big umbrella. According to the old people in the village, this tree is about 200 years old. When we were young, we needed three people to hold it hand in hand. After a long separation, my heart was so uneasy that it was fear, excitement or something. I approached it step by step, and I didn’t know why my heart jumped so hard. Some vague images hidden in my mind gradually became clear, as if they had just passed.

In childhood, the shade under the olive tree was our amusement place. We come here almost every day to play, playing the game of eagle catching chicken under the tree, eating sweet potatoes or corns, playing cards, or planning to catch birds somewhere, who got a very beautiful bird and so on. In short, we were like happy birds at that time, always jumping and jumping. Our family can’t shut us up. We are flying freely and carefree in our own blue sky. Thinking of this, a kind of familiar feeling came to my heart involuntarily. There was an inexplicable charge, and I really wanted to play with my partners crazily again. But looking around, there was no one, very quiet, so quiet that I could hear my heartbeat. Suddenly I felt a strange atmosphere, rushing to me from all directions, which made me shake a few times. Why is it so cold in the woods, where are the childhood friends?

I can’t remember how many days I haven’t been here, perhaps because I seldom stay at home. The partners who used to fight under the tree every day had already gone their own way. Now it is people who go to Lin Kong, leaving me alone, staying in this lonely forest foolishly. The ground was overgrown with weeds and fallen leaves all over the ground. It was desolate and silent. I remember that it was not like this before. Standing in front of the olive tree, I couldn’t wait to touch it in my heart. I felt that my hands didn’t listen to the order, and I couldn’t lift it up, trembling directly. My heart is pounding. Even I don’t know that I will be so nervous. Maybe I need some time to get used to it. I tried to calm myself down, stretching out my trembling hands and gently stroking it. Its rough coat gave people an ancient sense of vicissitudes. Years passed by in a hurry, and many marks were carved. It didn’t matter whether the wind blew, the rain hit, or something left. What is left and what cannot be left have become memories.

Autumn, autumn wind, is easy to remind people of falling leaves. I stood motionlessly, looking up at the yellow leaves, reluctantly leaving the branches, falling down one after another alone, like a butterfly about to die, saying goodbye to this beautiful world. However, they were unable to control their own destiny and didn’t know where they were going to fall. They had to obey the autumn wind. What a pity. They sprout and grow in spring, summer has passed the most beautiful years of life, and autumn is over. Although it was short, but as time went by, no matter how much he didn’t give up, he had no choice but to go forward bravely. On the ground, there had been fallen leaves lying quietly on the ground, like a child sleeping soundly, sleeping peacefully and peacefully. However, the autumn wind has driven them down from the tree, so why disturb their dreams? At this moment, my mind couldn’t help flashing the picture of playing with my friends in my childhood. At that time, we had no worries, no pressure, No burden, no greed, no selfishness. The communication between partners is sincere. There are delicious food to eat together and interesting things to play together. Now, I am the only one standing here alone, reliving the happiness of the past and the fallen leaves awakened by the autumn wind.

Here, we went through the spring, summer, autumn and winter of our childhood together and spent many happy days together. Now I think of it, just like yesterday, everything is clearly remembered. You can touch your chin with your hand, and you have a beard.

Things are different, plants are ruthless. Everything here didn’t change much. The olive trees were still so flourishing, standing in front of me like a mighty soldier, overlooking me, a wandering man. Time flies like a shuttle. I have changed too much. Not only do I have a beard, but also my voice becomes heavy. People become sentimental, silent and strong at the same time. The River of Time is galloping, washing away too many things, leaving only memories.

Years, how could you be so heartless and unfaithful that you robbed me of my happy childhood? Why did you carve scars on the olive trees I often dreamed. Time has no life, but how can friendship come? But this tree is more ruthless and unwilling to tell me the ups and downs it has experienced. Does it forget me. I am little boy who used to play under its green shade everyday. Maybe it is the river of time that separates us far away, who can remember who.

The autumn wind was blowing towards the face, with an overwhelming chill. Yellow leaves on the tree fell one after another. I quickly grasped a leaf passing through my eyes with my right hand and held it tightly for fear of losing it once I relaxed. I don’t know why I want to do this, but there are some things that can’t be caught. Even God can’t let the fallen leaves return to the branches. What should be let go is to let go. The autumn wind blows quietly, and the leaves fall quietly.

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