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Foreign Trade Sales Specialist is recruited all the year round (salary negotiable)

 Responsibilities: Mining potential customers through network and platform, communicating with customers and factories, tracking and arranging orders.

1. Implement the company's trade business, implement trade regulations, open up markets and maintain old customers 

 2. Responsible for contacting customers, preparing quotations, participating in business negotiations and signing contracts 

 3. Be responsible for signing, releasing, following up and inspecting orders, and keep timely communication with factories to ensure the delivery of orders 

 4. Sorting and filing of business-related data and reporting of related businesses 5. Other work arranged by the leadership 


 1. Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, and strong communication skills

 2. College degree or above, international trade, business English, sales and other related majors are preferred, and excellent fresh graduates are also acceptable. 

 3. Familiar with the import and export business process, familiar with the operation process of the whole order, and strong learning ability 

 4. Strong sense of teamwork and ability to handle affairs independently, which is used for pioneering and innovating. 

Working hours: flexible system 


                  Contact person: Ms. Gu Tel: 13033153329/0562-6822828

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