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   Tongling Rongjing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of water system valves. The company insists on winning customers and markets by product quality and cost performance.


        We are well aware that "the survival of enterprises lies in products, the value of products lies in quality, the quality control lies in details, and the success or failure of details depends on us".


        We have a production team specializing in the production of water system valves, with an average working age of over 5 years, and the average working age of core technical teams is over 7 years. Adhering to "rapid response and overall planning; With the management principle of "simplicity, effectiveness and reduction of human influence", we have introduced 7 advanced valve manufacturing lines, 3 advanced assembly lines and more than 50 sets of advanced production and testing equipment, with strong hardware strength in production and quality control. 

        At the same time, we pay great attention to operation management, adhere to the operation strategy of "winning by quality and winning by value", improve the operation management mode that will make the market worry-free forever, use the "four modernizations management" to coordinate the operation planning, and refine the "quality management and delivery management" to ensure product quality and production delivery cycle. Every time a customer places an order, it means trust in Rongjing, and Rongjing will thank us for our trust with every "perfect delivery". 

         Pursuing customer satisfaction is always the responsibility of Rongjing valve, and providing super cost-effective products is the mission of Rongjing valve; 

        "Rongjing Valve"-the supplier of super cost-effective wa

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